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They have an edgeless shape, allowing easy and comfortable makeup application with minimal usage of the make up a product. The Wonder Blender reduces wastage of the make up product & ensures streak-free application

The product is excellent for foundation cream, liquid, or powder application

For a large surface area, the product is easy & smooth to roll or dab the makeup around & has a pointed tip for application on specific points. It has a special sponge material, which helps absorb water to enlarge and dispel quickly (you would need to squeeze it).  The enlarged sponge with small amounts of water restricts the usage of too much Product thus being very efficient in makeup application.



    1. Remove the sponge from the package.
    Saturate sponge with clean water, squeeze or towel dry to remove excess water.

    2.Dip this sponge into your favorite makeup cream, liquid, or powder.

    3.Stipple (bounce) or roll the sponge on the desired area to apply makeup.

    4.The wide portion is great for the forehead and cheeks. A narrow tip is ideal for areas under the eyes, around the nose, chin, and brows.


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