Top Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Makeup Hacks For Girls That’ll Change Your Life!

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Mastering the art of applying makeup is a process, and the one thing we’re trying to master is eye formation. Earlier it used to be enough to swipe on a little kohl. As a novice, all the makeup world has to offer can sound a bit daunting. Making errors is part of the learning process, and even with all the great resources that are available to you, they can be easily avoided. You don’t have to do it for hours, either. When you’ve got the know-how, you’ll see just how much makeup your best features will accentuate and conceal others that aren’t as desirable. Here are a couple of makeup hacks for girls you’d wish you learned long, long ago!

1.Colorful eyeliner

Bored with all black eyeliner? Try something excitingly bright can amp up your look altogether. And you don’t even have to invest in all those expensive liners. Just grab your liquid lipstick and an angled eyeliner brush, take some product on your brush and apply your liner as usual. Flaunt those wings all you want!

2.Perfect pout

Wish to flaunt that perfect pout? Start by applying a moisturizing lip balm to make your lips supple. If you have extreme dryness, do a subtle exfoliation of your lips and then moisturize it. Take a lip brush; if not, you can apply with your liquid lipstick applicator as well. Take your favorite shade of stay to slay liquid matte lipstick and start by drawing “X” in the middle of your upper lips. Trace your lip line and avoid overdrawing now; fill in with the lipstick as usual.

3.Tinted lashes makeup hacks

Maybe changing your eye color can be challenging but changing your mascara isn’t! Even a better way to do it is by using your lovely liquid lipstick. Take some product on a clean spoolie and apply it like your usual mascara. Tones of blue and green enhance your eyes, and if you want to go all lady gaga, then why not try yellows and reds and neons can be the party stoppers.

4. Makeup Hacks to Perfect that wing

That furious “cat-eye” can really be a work! But this innovative makeup hacks will direct you when applying eyeliner and shadows. It will also help you in achieving an even look on both eyes. Grab your scotch tape and then apply it on your eyes, making the shape of a wing. Use your precision liquid eyeliner and fill in the wing.

5.Monochrome makeup hacks

Playing with a colored eyeliner pen is always fun right? Well, try this all one colored makeup, and you might just be the center of attraction in the next party with these eye makeup hacks. Grab your favorite liquid lipstick and draw your wings and perfect your pout, and that’s just it!

6.Melt your kohl for intensity

Creamy makeup ingredients mix together better when warmed up. So if you miss or pull your kohl eyeliner pencil on your eyelid, or take several coats for a right payoff color, melt it slightly before you start lining. To do so, keep the tip of your kohl liner under the flames of a lighter for a second or before it gets tacky, let it cool slightly, and then watch the shift inconsistency right before your eyes.

7.Smoky eyes

The thing with a smoky eye is, they can go from sultry and bold to messy all very quickly. It is using your power kohl kajal to draw a slanted hashtag mark on the outer third of your eyelid to keep it easy and then smooth it out with the sponge or a blending brush. Not only will this ensure that both eyes are symmetrical, but it will also keep you from going too wild with the eyeliner.

8.Spoon shield

Nothing could be more irritating than to make your eyeshadow look beautiful, then to swipe on mascara and ruin the entire look with smudges. The makeup hacks for girls like you in trouble? Keep a spoon so it covers your eyelid and then apply your mascara as you would usually do. When you brush the mascara wand against your lashes and spoon back, the powder covers the back of the utensil instead of your eyes.

9. Give it a twirl

You know you need to curl your lashes, but there are some do’s and don’ts you need to consider. Start without pinching yourself as close to the root as possible, then shift up the lash and curl again. Do not just curl at the root as this will produce a sharp kink in your lashes, and it will not look normal.

10.Nail enamel drying

The worst part of the work is drying up the nail polish. You can work while sitting under the fan, but you can end up creating bubbles in your beautiful nail paints. Instead, dip them in an ice-cold water tub, and wait some seconds to see the magic.

11.Create nail art with tape

Why only limit to face? Our hands go through a lot as well—makeup hacks for you ladies. For a negative-space manicure, you can either add the tape directly to your bare finger, or for a two-tone look, put the tape on already painted nails in cool shapes, and do another coat right on top with different nail polish. Let it dry for a minute, then take both ends of the tape and, for the finished look, slowly peel them back at once.

12.French manicure and rubber band

Get a rubber band, and tie it in the center. To create tension on the groove, loop one end over the thumb and position the other end over the top of your nail and just below the edge to make the French tip shape. Use a rubber band edge as a reference to paint your nail top. Then remove the band carefully before covering it with a top coat and give it time to dry out.

13.Wiggle for the length

Begin with your lash root, move the wand back and forth, gently. Then walk out, gently. The weight of the product will not be at the end of the strand by starting at the base. There’s less chance your lashes will drop. Also, because the application at the base is more massive, clumps are less likely to fan out the substance. The wiggling motion helps to create a big, complete lash with a separate lash.

14. Makeup hacks for Fuller pout

If you’d like to create the perception of full lips, the first way is to opt for a liquid matte lipstick. If you still prefer to achieve it with a bullet lipstick you need a nude pencil and line the bow and outer lip region of your cupid and in the center of your lip. Then complete with lipstick. Top up with a touch of highlighter in the same places, the lip contour was added.

15. Makeup hacks to fix that broken lipstick

Nothing is more heart wrenching than the slipping of your lipstick from your hand and breaking into two. Well, don’t be heartbroken! It is no rocket science to patch them. Nearly every lipstick uses paraffin wax as an ingredient that easily and quickly melts and solidifies quickly. Join your lipstick by melting and screwing it together by holding it for some seconds over a bare candle flame.

16.Pop your lip shade

You also have to have worked to keep the original color on your lips if you have pigmented the lips. The second you apply the lipstick, it seems the color has changed magically. When you need your lipstick to look super bright, given that you will be shot, first apply the foundation to your lips and then add the lipstick. It is going to give her the extra pop.

17.No to smudges

Whenever you unintentionally smudged your lipstick or like to give your lipstick a lot smoother and clean edges, after applying the lipstick, use a thin brush and some concealer to line the outside of your lips. Mix the concealer with your fingertips, do not only press it softly until it blends perfectly with the skin.

18. Don’t say bye to your lipstick just yet!

That perfect lip shade is on its scraping ends that you can no longer use; use a spatula to scoop out the remaining lipstick in a spoon. Mix some coconut oil and flame it over a candle. Pour it into a case of contact lens, and use it as a mark on the skin.

Here you have it; some top makeup hacks that you save you through a lot of struggle, time, money, and make you look flawless at the same time!

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