Diwali Makeup Looks You Need To Try This Year

Dazzling Diwali Makeup Looks For The Diva In You

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Diwali, the Indian festival of light, is one of the most-awaited and widely acclaimed festivals. And in such a diverse country, Diwali celebrations find echo and retelling around the world in various forms. As you make your way across the country, Diwali celebrations and traditions take on intriguing manifestations. India’s cities and towns get iridescent at night! Every corner shines with fascinating light-from shops and markets to beautiful trees and once lonely streets. Besides dodging crackers, you may also find a Ram Lila staging in one of the street corners. It is a playful interpretation of Lord Rama’s narrative. Each region focuses on a special mythological event or performance of it, with festivities dedicated to different deities. But one thing remains common, getting ready for the evening events. With those dazzling apparel to the most elegant jewellery, but it all comes together with the right amount of traditional Indian Makeup looks to make you as radiant as the Diwali lights. There are some Diwali makeup looks that we dread to try, but it only takes the right amount of practice and confidence in oneself, and trust me, once you have them both, you can pull any look. These difficult times might make you a little dull but let me tell you that if you thought festive or everyday makeup under masks couldn’t be a thing, then think again. Let us tell you right now that the eye makeup is getting the attention now. So look no further if you need some inspiration to make a statement and let your Indian Makeup looks do all the talking for you. Since Diwali is coming in winter this year, you could also check out our winter makeup trends blog! With all this motivation, let’s go through some Diwali makeup looks you should try this year.

Always prep

Preparing the skin before application is the most critical step when applying Makeup. If your skin looks cleaner before the Makeup is added, the more radiant the Diwali Makeup looks on your face. Imagine your skin as a canvas on which you are to paint. In comparison to a dirty, dusty canvas, the art would look better on a clean, dirt-free canvas. In addition, preparing the skin before making up ensures that the Makeup that you apply after is evenly spread and stays put.

The first step is washing the skin. Use a face wash that fits your face and clean the skin gently, so that it stays fresh when applying Makeup. Make sure that you massage your face with the cleanser to improve blood circulation when doing so.

The next essential move is to get rid of any dead cells that could make your Indian Makeup look clumped or uneven. Skin exfoliation helps get rid of these dead cells in your face to give you a radiant appearance. For better results, exfoliation has to be performed twice a week with gentle scrubs or cleansers.

To apply the toner, use a soft cotton ball or pad. If you are concerned that your skin is too dry to use a toner, you can also use a serum that best suits your face to cleanse your skin. Toners free of alcohol are advised because alcohol can be dehydrating.

The most crucial step is that before applying Makeup, the skin needs to remain hydrated. To this end, use a mild moisturizer. Choose a moisturizer that works best for your skin.

With your skin all easy-going and ready for the application, let’s dive into the Makeup looks that you can flaunt.

Brown smoky eyes

The smoky statement eyes can never go wrong, but this time, we are going to make them look both bold and subtle hand in hand. Thinking if it is possible? Well, that is what we are here for. Start by applying your concealer closest to your skin tone under your eyes, bridge of the noses, chin, forehead, ad any other area where you think you might need concealing like acne scars, pigmentation, etc. Blend the product with a damp wonder blender or your makeup brush. Get the foundation closest to your skin and apply dots on your skin, and further blend it with your wonder blender.

Moving to the eyes, take a neutral brown eyeshadow and apply it on your eyelids, blend it thoroughly, and taking a darker brown, use it on the outer corners of your eyes in the shape of the wing that is, extending it a little towards the temple. Apply the same darker shadow to the outer corner lower lash line. Now, wing it with your ultimate eyeliner pen! Apply some blush on the apple of your cheeks and highlight your high points like your cheekbone, bridge of your nose, your cupids bow, and do not forget below your eyebrows and inner corner of your eyes. Finish up your eye look with a dash of high volume waterproof mascara. Pair this look with a nude lip shade like Tiramisu, cherry blossom, or pumpkin latte from our stay to slay matte liquid lipsticks. This versatile look can be worn with any outfit and make you look breathtaking with this Indian makeup look. To enhance your appearance further, you can apply nail enamel that matches your dress from our wide range of nail polishes (limelight matte chrome) and (Elenblu sugar sprinkle).

Sunset halo Diwali makeup looks

Capture all the sunset colors in this traditional Indian makeup look. As always, start by preparing the base with your favorite foundation and concealing the problematic areas. Fill your eyebrows to give them a natural look and then start on the eyes by taking an orangey-brown toned eyeshade. For those who aren’t makeup hoarders, you can simply use our lipsticks, for they work well as a multipurpose product. Apply the shade on the outer crease and the inner corners, further blending and joining them in the crease. Now with a slightly deeper brown shade, deepen the color on the outer corners makes sure to mix it thoroughly. Here comes the part which will give you the vibe of Indian makeup look. Take a rose-gold glitter eyeshadow and apply it only on the eyelids and blend it just a little. Make sure not to drag it from its place. Take the deeper brown you used earlier and apply it in your lower lash blending it with the upper eyeshadow. To make it more intense, use the power kohl kajal and apply it on your lower lash waterline. Now make your perfect wings with the precision liquid eyeliner and finish it with loads of mascara.If you are not very good with eyeliner, you can check out our eyeliner guide to up your eyeliner skills. A Diwali makeup tip always uses waterproof mascara and never forget to coat your lower lashes for the wide I look. Add some warmth and dimension to your face by applying a subtle peachy blush on your cheeks and blending it towards your temple. Bring in some brightness and add an overall glow with a rose gold highlighter on the high points of your face like the cheekbone, temple, cupids, bow, chin, and never to forget your inner eye corners and below your brows. The finish of this Indian makeup look with a red or pink matte lipstick. I would suggest Rose Tango, Time Square, Red-dy to Party from the stay to slay matte liquid lipsticks or Pink Pout, Razzmatazz, and Rose Mauve from our bullet lipstick range.


Go all blingy

Is it a festival, right? A day when you can go all blingy with your Makeup! Have your base ready with the foundation and concealer, and to add some dimension, do subtle contouring. Then set it in place with a translucent powder. Take a subtle glittery red eyeshadow and saturate your eyelids all the way from your lash line to the crease. To remove the harsh lines, take a subtle brown shadow and use it as a transition shade above the crease blending it further. Always keep in mind that apply your eyeshadow in a wing shape. Now with a rose-gold eyeshadow, fill in the inner corners of your eyes, blending it towards the center. You can leave it here, but if you want to play further with the glitter, take a pressed glitter and apply it to the center of your lids. Tight line your lash line and also your lower waterline with power kohl kajal and draw your wings with the precision liquid eyeliner. Smoke out your lower lash line with a black eyeshadow and apply the coat of mascara. Use your peachy blush and highlight the highest point on your face. Use a berry lipstick to bring out the inner queen. My picks are Rose Mauve, Raspberry, and Merry Berry from the bullet lipsticks.


Now open your vanity and go all bonkers with your makeup skills. All these looks are easy Indian makeup tips at home. Emphasis on highlighting your natural beauty, and do not forget to radiate all your positivity through a smile. After all, it is the best Makeup!

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