Best Lipstick Shades For Indian Skin Tone

Best Lipstick Shades & Colours For Indian Skin Tone


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Lipsticks are said to depict the mood of its wearer. It can boost your mood just in one swipe. Even if you do not go heavy with your makeup, a swipe of your favorite lipstick will give you all the confidence you require. Whether its cool-toned pastels, deep violets, or electric oranges, trendy lip colors can be fun to play with. When selecting the best lipstick shades for Indian skin tone, we have to deem some points into consideration. Remember that a good lipstick should complement your skin tone; give you a healthy glow, and work to tie your whole ensemble together.

We Indians have a vast variety of skin tones and each skin tone can have a subdivision in the form of undertones. Identifying your skin tone and undertone will lead you to pick the lip shade that is best suited for you. Skin tone can be said as the primary shade or deepness in your skin color. The skin tone is quite obvious-it is just as your skin is porcelain, fair, tan, medium, or dark. Whereas, undertone has to do with your skin’s warmth or coolness-as in orange, yellowish, or peachy tones versus pink, reddish, or bluish tones. Understanding your undertone will give you a heads up to find flattering colors of the makeup, including your best lipstick ever. Melanin-rich women also feel suspicious and even fearful of wearing other shades of lipsticks. Yet exploring and seeing what works best for you is good, and loving your divine skin tone. Wondering how to choose lipstick color for Indian skin? We have compiled a list of some of our best lipstick colours that will look great on the Indian skin tone, ranging from a vivid whitish to dusky. So get, set, POUT!

That’s my nude

Getting ready for the office: To which lipstick does your hand wander? The nude lipstick is Queen when it comes to everyday lip color. The right nude goes with any look of an outfit or makeup. It suits you in the office or on the dance floor. If you are ever unsure about the best lipstick colours for you, pick your nude shade and dazzle like a queen.  It is the ideal shade to create a lovely look with a true natural lip.

A bit of expertise is required to choose a nude lipstick for brown skin and darker skin tones. What was traditionally not so correctly called a nude lipstick was not actually brown at all. It appeared too light and off-color, crafted for fair skin tones on darker pigmented skin. There were sometimes dark nudes, but they looked as if deeper and orange tones were added to the lighter nude shade, rather than a nude color especially constructed for Indian skin tones.

Cherry blossom, Tiramisu, and Pink macaroon; from our stay to slay matte liquid lipstick range and frosted peach matte lipstick are our nude shade picks for whitish to fairer skin tones as it has light pink undertones to it. They might compliment our tanned skin lovelies but will surely wash off the deeper skin tone. Whereas Pumpkin latte with its orange undertone turns out to be the best nude of deeper skin tones and velvet nude would do great with the mauve undertones.

Pinky swear

Add oodles of oomph factor to your outfit with just one swipe of perfect pink lip color. After the nudes, if something looks, ravishing yet subtle is a pink lip. When you find yourself in a makeup rut, switching up your signature lip color occasionally is all it takes. Trying out the family of pink with its different undertones will open up a whole variety of people and moods. Pink has the most beautiful variety of colors. It can vary from a very pastel, soft blush to a very gritty, shocking electric pink.

Those that enjoy smooth, full colour coverage will gravitate to the Razzmatazz. It feels moist and every swipe packs a lot of pigment. For a subtler approach, reach out to pink pout or time square for rosy-nudes like this one. It proves the girly-pink girl can look really grown-up and sophisticated indeed. For women with tan skin, avoiding brown and overly purple lipsticks is a good idea as the colors may clash with this complexion. Passionate pink will turn out to be one of the best lipstick color for Indian skin tone.

Play with brown

The shades of brown are slightly darker than a nude but still a no-fuss everyday choice. In recent years, Browns have come back in a big way, particularly among women of color. In particular, warm brown is the simple button answer for a richer look when you want more than just a nude. Moving along the way of cooler browns appears to produce a more moody, edgier feel. Go for a matte brown lipstick that fits your needs. If it is a matte formula, mauve-y brown lipstick like let us mauve it looks best and can match mostly all the skin tones. While for a darker skin tone it looks like nude lip color, it also looks stunning on paler skin tones. The winter rose’s brownie pink will play nicely with neutral-toned makeup.

A red-brown lipstick is a standard hue for which you cannot go wrong! This lip color should look just right for a night out or a dinner date.

Red-die reds

Some of the most versatile beauty looks remain a red lip – it can be alluring, seductive, blunt, defiant, confident, loud, and super chic. In addition, in a single tap, it is the best way to look strong, pulled-together, and, at least, glam. We are talking about that many traits. If you want a bolder look, a punchy and audacious red liquid matte lipstick will top up the colour. Shade-wise, there too are endless choices. Warmer skin tones may benefit from a spicy orange undertone while cool skin tones may be more appealing with blue undertones. As much as it does on a lighter skin tone, red lipsticks look amazing on a dark skin tone. Only does your rest of the face minimalistic and you are sure to rock the color.

Girl’s night out

A budget hero who is defying expectations. This bombshell hue, super light, guarantees a perfect red finish. On the other hand, Ready to the party is the ultimate weightless lipstick for lips that are sure to attract a crowd. It is a double winner with a matte finish and long-lasting formula. A perfect red lip shade like Raspberry lipstick will make your teeth look whiter giving you even more confidence and glow. Checking through your makeup bag, and no deep red lipsticks to reach out to? Do not worry! You could consider a red with a touch of fuchsia rose to be your jam, or a red-colored coral screaming that feels most ‘you’ in the summer. Berrylicious red would be just the best lipstick shade for you.

Mauve it

A mixture of lavender, warm blue, and white, mauve is a dirty violet of sorts, sure, but depending on the undertone of your skin, the bullet and the lips will look very different. That’s why when you look at the market’s mauve matte lipstick collections — be it a single lipstick with the ‘mauve’ in the name or a whole range. Rosé mauve is the color on the darker side holding secrets of an authoritarian, royal personality. While violet and purple are feminine and enchanting, they also have a mysterious, mystical feel about them that accentuates your beauty and empowers you. The shades like Let’s mauve it is the shade that boasts your elegance, your gracefulness, and your confidence. Surely, this shade puts you out there as a ‘mystery’ girl. Feeling your bold self? Sometimes it is about how you look the whole way. In the winter, you can pull off a bright shade with warm whites just as much as you do in the summer with lighter bits. Purple climax will make you believe that it is always fun to get a little wacky with the lipstick.

So women, why wait! When you got the list of our best lipstick shades for Indian skin tone.

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