5 Easy & Simple Everyday Makeup Looks : How To Guide

5 Impressive Everyday Makeup Looks

With a shift in how girls throughout the globe have made makeup part of their regular necessities, the beauty enterprise has shown an all-time boom. The artwork of makeup has been reinvented and visible as an enhancer in preference to something that hides. Contrary to popular belief, makeup is not always a thing that conceals and enhances someone’s look; in fact, one-of-a-kind forms of everyday makeup looks are used to focus on and intensify the original beauty of someone.

New manufacturers are popping out each day, promising higher outcomes, and making ladies spoilt for choice. Many one-of-a-kind cosmetics collectively create the best makeup look. However, as the time goes by, there is almost a limitless wide variety of alternatives concerning everyday makeup looks, primarily based totally on a bevy of splendor trends and together with a range of makeup products. If you feel a bit indecisive and want a way to make getting ready much less stressful, we are right here to assist with some light everyday makeup. We are sharing below five of our favorite natural makeup looks, which can be ideal for daily wear and easy eye makeup alternatives. Choose from any of these 5 simple makeup for everyday tutorials with the best makeup brand in India- Elenblu. Use our all safe Elenblu cosmetics and look natural yet ravishing for the day.

1. No makeup look

Gone are those days when girls concealed their natural beauty behind the tones of makeup. But no more! Now enhancing once natural beauty is the new trend. What feels like pretty the contradiction is sincerely one in every of our absolute preferred makeup trends. A while back, in the league, makeup applications were ideally reduced to creasing or dramatic Smokey eyes; however, nowadays, it’s shifted to embracing your born-with-in beauty. Here is the way to play it up for an everyday makeup routine for work.

That natural look can be empowering, but figuring out where to start with isn’t always that simple. Wash your face nicely and apply your favorite toner. After cleaning your face, start by prepping your skin with a light, non-sticky moisturizer. As we are going for a light look, we will do it by just using a concealer. Use a shade lighter than your skin tone, for it will do two in one job: concealing and highlighting. Apply a minimal amount of concealer under your eyes in the shape of triangles, bridge your nose, between your eyebrows, on your cupid bow, and do not forget your chin! You can start blending with the help of your makeup blender or just your fingers. Set your concealer with some loose setting powder to make it long-lasting. To make your eyes look lively, apply your kohl kajal on the upper lash waterline.

Coat your eyelashes with volumizing waterproof mascara so that it lasts all day, giving you a fuller eyelash look. Take a neutral peachy tone blush and plop it on the apples of your cheeks. Apply a rosy nude lip shade to give it a pouty look. Pink macaron, cherry blossom, and tiramisu are some nude shades from our collection. Top it off with a warm-toned highlighter on the high points of your face. Be ready to get some compliments on your flawless beauty with this everyday makeup tutorial for beginners!

2. Dewy look

In need to look radiant without the hassle of whipping out a complicated eye look! Learn how to strobe with this gorgeous blush makeup tutorial.

Start by priming your face for a crease-free makeup. Further, hide any redness, perk up any dullness, and neutralize any shown discolorations with some short dabs of color-correcting concealer. To get the gorgeous dewy look, reach a radiant finish foundation and taking a minimal amount of it on your makeup blending sponge, apply a thin layer across your entire face ( always remember to start with less as you can build it up according to your liking).  To brighten your under-eye area, begin by drawing an upside-down triangle under each eye using a radiant finish concealer, then blend out with your makeup blender. Set your under-eye with a loose translucent powder to make it crease-free. Here comes the fun part! To give yourself that youthful radiance looks, dust a peach blush onto each of your cheeks, sweeping the color in an up and out motion starting from your cheekbones and ending to your temples.  Use a neutral-toned eye shadow on your eyelids, dragging it a bit towards your temples. Skip the eyeliner and apply your mascara for a voluminous eyelash. Talk about pretty in pink! Top it off with a beautiful matte pink lip color and be prepared to radiate that goddess glow.

3. Wing it, babe!

Still, think that a winged liner look is only for the brave of hearts? Think again! Bring out your ferocity by creating the perfect cat eye makeup look. Please do not mistake it to be less natural as it can be so quick and easy and also be classified as a simple eye makeup look. Don’t believe us? Try out this look and experience it for yourself.

Use your favorite foundation or BB cream to create a flawless base, and apply a neutral light peachy brown-toned eye shadow to your eyelids.  To make your eyes pop a bit, draw a thin, rough line on your eyelids with the power kohl Kajal and smudge it with your brush or fingertips in an outward motion. Increase the pigmentation towards the outer corners. Now dot your lash lines with your Elenblu ultimate eyeliner pen. Be sure to the first dot and not straightaway draw a wing. Once satisfied with the dots, complete the side by connecting the dots. Never forget the mascara. Go for a bolder than usual lip shade such as times square, girls night out, red-dy to the party, or purple climax from our stay to slay matte liquid lipstick range. Complete the look by applying highlighter to the high points of your face.

Be ready to slay like a lioness that you are!

4. Glow from within

Ever imagined how these girls you’ve seen on your TV ads and in your Instagram feed have that glow from within —now, it’s time to bring the model-approved glowy makeup look in your life. A radiance providing BB or CC cream would do just fine. Blend your CC cream nicely with a beauty blender and top it with a light amount of concealer under your eyes to say bye-bye to those dark circles. Remember, blending is the key to give you that no-makeup look. Once blended nicely, grab a rose-gold highlighter and apply it to your cheekbones dragging it towards your temple in an up and outward motion. Apply some highlighter on the tip of your nose, your cupid bow, a little bit on your chin, and dust a bit on your forehead. Our lipsticks can turn out to be great eye shadows. Take a pinky brown shade and apply it on your eyelids. You can use the shade “frosted peach lipstick” from our matte lipsticks to do the job. Apply the same shade on your lips and finish the look with a dash of mascara.

5. Dual chrome double-winged eyelids

Like to play with colors but in a more subtle way? Here is a fun and relaxed dual chrome double-winged eyelid look that will bring out your fun side.

By now, you know the importance of a smooth base. Create your light base and then start by creating a winged liner with any color other than black. You can use our stay to slay matte liquid lipsticks in the shade purple climax or time square to create a vibrant wing and apply it with the help of an angular liner brush. Make sure that it should be a little thick. Now, using the precision liquid eyeliner, make a crisp second wing thinner than the first one. A generous swipe of mascara will take your look to a new level. Apply some highlighter on the outermost area of the eyebrow bone to make your eyes shine. Apply some highlighter on the cheekbones, your cupid bow, the tip of your nose, and chin. Rock the look by applying a subtle warm-toned lip shade.

A simple college look or simple makeup for everyday Indian to an office party can always add and subtract any of the steps according to your liking once you get the hang of it all. Remember, the key to finding your go-to makeup and glam looks is to experiment with products and steps. And now we can say “less is more!” girls. You can buy makeup online in India from our website or from our Elenblu cosmetics shop on Amazon.

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